This Mom Travels: Tricia Cesari

This Mom made an impression on me eight years ago when I started working at US Airways. Tricia was one of the first people I met on my first day and has since become a good friend. She has raised two beautiful, intelligent, independent children who have followed in her footsteps traveling the world. Her daughter Leah has used her travel to help others on humanitarian missions and her son Bradley has visited places that many will never have the opportunity to visit. And he’s still in his 20’s!
With her son Bradley in Costa Rica
Take a moment to read a little more about my dear friend Tricia and where she’s been. I hope you keep traveling, there are still some corners of the world for you to see!
1.) What is your favorite place to travel with your family and why? It's changed as my kids have grown. Our most recent family trip was to Panamá so that's currently my favorite! The weather and the people are so warm and welcoming!
2.) For those families wanting to travel domestically what one place would you suggest to them? Washington, D.C. because it's so easy to get around the city on the Metro, and there's so much to see and do that's free. We like to stay near DuPont Circle because we feel comfortable walking around after dark and there's apt to be performers in the park.
3.) What is the worst travel decision you’ve ever made and why? We really haven't had a bad travel experience because we try to roll with things and turn mishaps into adventures. I'd probably say overpacking. My kids are pros at traveling light and I'm getting better at it, too.
4.) What are your must have travel necessities? Good walking shoes, ear plugs, and a sense of humor!
5.) You’ve been almost everywhere...what place is still on your bucket list and who would you take with you? My son and I want to see Iceland!


in Zugspitze, Germany February 1990

Verano, Italy

Lake Placid, 1981


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