This Mom Travels: Britta Mosman

I met Britta a few years ago when we were LuLaRoe’ing. At the time we didn’t know we had so many similarities and grew to become friends.

Britta is a full time Mom of 3 beautiful, smart and independent children. She is happily married and they make a great team. I think Britta is an amazing Mom because she puts her family first; always. She also looks flawless; always and hey, let’s be serious that’s a priority most of us don’t achieve on a daily basis.

As an OCD controlling Mama I totally understand Britta’s responses. I have the same struggles! Take a moment to learn a little more about my friend Britta Mosman and her travel preferences.

Britta and her family

1.) What is your favorite place to travel with your family and why? We have two places that are our favorite to travel to. If we are not wanting to spend much money we love to go to a mountain and camp and hike. If we have a little more time and money we LOVE the beach. We love to surf and build sandcastles and collect seashells and sea glass.

2.) For those families wanting to travel domestically what one place would you suggest to them? Oh this is a really tough question. There are SO many good places domestically that are amazing! If you want something a little more remote but amazing and so many free or inexpensive things to do we love Lake Tahoe. It has amazing hiking, beaches, water activities and little shops. If you want a big city vacation we LOVE San Francisco! The food and sights are amazing! There are so many things to do there as well. But it is more expensive and most activities cost money. Both are amazing in their own way and depending on your preferences they will not disappoint.

3.) What is the worst travel decision you’ve ever made and why? My worst travel decision was not booking a nice hotel in advance. We thought we would be totally fine to just get something for our one night pit stop on a long road trip. Turns out we got very unlucky and the hotel was dark and gross and my husband got bit by bedbugs. Then both he and I were stressing about whether or not we accidentally picked one up as a hitchhiker. We did not sleep that night and caused more stress than normal and made for a long second leg of our trip.

4.) What are your must have travel necessities and why? My top three travel necessities are a small backpack filled with easy light activities and snacks for each kid. It needs to be light enough for even the little one to carry her own and open and close it by themselves. This is the best entertainment that they can do completely on their own. So if we are flying they have everything they need and if we are driving this carsick prone mama doesn’t have to keep turning around to hand them things or help them get toys, snacks and activities out. My second must have is my phone. It’s a life saver when we are tripping for a long time and the fun stuff in their pack isn’t as much fun anymore, I just put on a show from my phone. It has also saved me multiple times when we are out to eat and food is taking a little too long to be served. My third thing is more of an attitude. Traveling with kids is hard and can be stressful and their tired bodies and little (or big) tantrums can totally make the trip miserable. So I have learned the hard way to let a lot of things go and TRY to go with the flow (super hard for this control freak OCD mama) if I can stay calm and happy no matter what it rubs off on the kids (and husband) and there are fewer grumpies and tantrums. It all just goes so much more smoothly.

5.) You’ve been almost everywhere...what place is still on your bucket list and who would you take with you? My bucket list spots are Italy and Australia. Both would be kidless!! Cause how much more romantic is Italy and Sydney without kids? So much more! It would be just the hubs and I.

Britta's kids

At the aquarium

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