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This Mom is one I admire for a few reasons: her passion, love for her family, and her fearlessness to travel. Carol has traveled abroad and solo which is something I’ve yet to cross off my to-do list. She backpacked through Spain. Wow!! She adores her family. It doesn’t hurt that they love to travel too. Just check out the pics to see her beautiful son and daughter exploring with her. She’s an amazing friend, puts others first and has the most gorgeous hair ever. I may be a little jealous.
Carol Coyne
Take a few moments to learn a little more about this sweet Mom and her travel preferences.
1. What is your favorite place to travel with your family and why? There are so many great places to travel with your family. To date, my favorite family trip has been to Ireland. We are Irish. We searched and found some distant relatives there. They took us right in, even had us working in their pub!! We love to learn the history of places, do some tourists stuff and try to experience how the locals live. The Irish people are so welcoming and make you feel right at home!
2. For those families wanting to travel domestically what one place would you suggest to them? Although it is very expensive, I love the Disney Parks and Universal Parks. You do really feel like a kid again! For a budget friendly trip, I like camping and hiking.
3. What is the worst travel decision you’ve ever made and why? The worst travel decision Ive made is traveling with someone that didn’t have the same mindset as I do. While I like to have an idea of things I want to do and an itinerary, I like to leave some room for spontaneity. You just never know what life is going to give you!
4. What are your must have travel necessities and why? 1.) An open mind…especially when traveling to other countries. Enjoy and embrace their way of life, don’t compare it to yours. Why travel to another country, if you just want it to be like at home. 2.) An adventurous attitude...Eat the weird food, go on the hike on the edge of the volcano, dance at the street party until the early morning hours! 3.) Pack light…you don’t need all that stuff! And besides, you can purchase some new things while you travel!
5. How many countries or cities have you visited? What place is still on your bucket list and who would you take with you? I haven’t counted all the places so I’ll just say quite a few, but its a big world so I better stay busy! Next on my bucket list is South Africa, Bangkok and the Phi Phi Islands. So come on, who’s up for an adventure?
Carol Coyne
Carol Coyne
Carol Coyne

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