The TWA Hotel from the Eyes of Kat

Today is my favorite, it's #TravelTuesday here at TSP. I bumped into this beautiful young lady, Kat through Instagram while searching for awesome travel photos (she has quite a few). She is a Flight Attendant up in the clouds exploring this amazing world while I'm on the ground in a call center.

Kat recently had the chance to visit the brand new TWA Hotel at the JFK Airport in Queens and was kind enough to share her experience with us. Her pictures are the best!! She looks like she came straight from the 60's! 

Thank you so much for sharing your story and pics with us! Hopefully we bump into each other one day flying! 

In 1930, TWA (Trans World Airlines) began a whole new era of flying, one that would compete with the notoriety of Pan American. 

Although I have no way of knowing exactly what it was like to work for or travel with TWA, their terminal reopening at JFK connected to their new hotel is as close as one could get to reliving the experience. 

Immediately upon entering the doors I was greeted with a live performance by “The Beetles” and girls in vintage stewardess attire, dancing along the white arched walkway above the main stair. The effervescence of the room was a direct reflection of the former TWA employees enjoying their space as if it had never gone. 

Up the stairs and entering the main lobby is like stepping onto a red carpet. The floors are blanketed with low pile cherry carpet contrasted against stark white walls and floor to ceiling windows that overlook the once active taxiway. 

Among the crew members, travelers, and hotel guests were cocktail servers weaving in and around us all carrying trays with specially crafted drinks for those fortunate enough to receive a special invitation to the event. 
Sunken into the middle of the room is a seating area made up of the same cherry red floor color covering the cushions. Take a look around the rest of the first floor; there are some hidden entrances into small rooms with vibrant wallpaper and additional seating.  

Through the tall tinted window in the main lobby, you can spot a white aircraft with red lines, labeled TWA. I don’t believe the aircraft was one that was one ever in service; I met a nice gentleman who told me he was part of the team that put it together in just two weeks before the opening of the hotel. 

Inside you will find a flight deck open for picture-taking as well as original orange and red plaid passenger seats where you can sit an enjoy a beverage from the back galley-turned full service bar! 

Up and to the right of the main stair, you can spot some blue and yellow uniforms that have been artfully displayed among luggage and other miscellaneous service items. While there you can also read a bit about the history of TWA. 

Whether you plan on staying the night or just popping in for a drink, I highly recommend taking a step back in time with the TWA Hotel.  

Thanks for taking the time to read a little about what the TWA Hotel is like!

I’m Kat, a New York City based flight attendant for American Airlines. I just celebrated my one year with the company and already realize why some flight attendants never want to quit. Before I was hired with American, I attended college for Opera Studies and Vocal Performance, then continued on and received my degree in Public Relations. I worked at a PR firm in upstate New York, where I was born and raised, but came to the realization that I enjoyed interacting with people way too much to be spending most of my time behind a desk. 

I received an email from American Airlines around November 2017 requesting my completion of their online video interview. From there I was invited to Dallas for my face to face interview, was offered a conditional job, and graduated from FSU (Flagship University) May 25, 2018 – then they made the job official. 
My first year on the job has been incredible. Despite having to be on reserve (or on-call) I have had the opportunity to work on every aircraft except the 787 and traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil, Manchester, UK, Cancun, Mexico, Punta Cana and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, as well as countless cities within the U.S. I never imaged I would be able to see. 

This job is a lifestyle. Flight attendants like to make that known to those of you considering the job. I spend about 50% of my time in New York and 50% in a hotel or in the skies. But I wouldn’t change it for the world – because I already have the world!

Have questions about what the job entails? Or looking to apply? Feel free to reach out to me via Instagram @kitty.kattttttttt

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