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I work with so many amazing women. Women that have multiple careers. Women that raise smart, talented children on their own. Women that cook better than any restaurant you’ll find. Christina is no different and fits in all of these categories. Not only does she work full time at American Airlines; she is also in school to be a RN. And, she’s almost finished! This is her last semester. How amazing is that?! That’s not all...she also has a son, Gianni who plays football and does great in school all thanks to this busy Mom.
Christina Stewart
In her spare time she travels the world. She has visited 15 + countries and shows no signs of stopping.
She took a few moments to answer these questions so we could learn more about her.
1. What is your favorite place to travel with your family and why? One of my favorite places to travel with my son would have to be the Netherlands. We visited the Netherlands in 2015 and the scenery and culture was just amazing! We took a water taxi and toured the swan bridge. We visited Rotherdam and Amsterdam. We even went to Kinderdijk (the field of windmills). We went to castles and the stadium and also The famous New York Hotel!! My son loved it!
2. For those families wanting to travel domestically what one place would you suggest to them? I would suggest to travel to MSP to the Mall of America! We enjoyed going there as well. Lego land and the amusement park inside the mall of course was the highlight of the day. Plus, I got to do some retail therapy! There were a lot of hotels with free shuttles to and from the airport and to and from the mall! They also have the biggest indoor water park as well!!!
3. What is the worst travel decision you’ve ever made and why? The worst travel decision was traveling to New Orleans right after Katrina hit. It was awful. The food, the water; everything was just awful. You couldn't wash your hands or take baths with the water without boiling it first. Worst experience ever. That was my first and last time in New Orleans. Although now I wouldn't mind trying once more to visit.
4. What are your must have travel necessities and why (top 3)? Good question lol. Ummmm, my phone and charger for GPS and navigation. Also for entertainment. A blanket because I am always cold. Gianni must have his IPAD and charger. As long as he has his IPAD he doesn't mind delays or any other travel interruptions that may occur. It keeps him occupied! Never travel without a charger on you!!
5. You’ve been to different countries and destinations...what place is still on your bucket list and who would you take with you? My Bucket List I would definitely have to say DUBAI!!!!!! I have to go there! That is my dream trip!!! I would love to travel with a significant other but also wouldn't mind doing a girls trip there!!
Christina Stewart
Christina Stewart

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