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I have so much I could say about This Mom that Travels. Ms. Carmen Calhoun; Mom of two, full time airline employee and great friend to many. She’s a fantastic Mom. Always putting her family first and prioritizing her life around them. She’s a hard worker. Always putting in extra hours and overtime. She’s a great friend. Always tending to needs of those close to her and encouraging them to be positive through the tough times.
She has started traveling more and has goals to expand her travel this year. “I've only visited 7 cities so far & will be taking my first international trip this year.” Last year, she was lucky enough to go to the Food Network Beach Side Barbeque in Miami. I must say my jealously was bubbling as she posted pics on FB. She has also taken her boys on a solo trip to Philadelphia for the day. Go Mom!! 
Take a moment to read a little more about this sweet lady I feel blessed to call my friend.
Carmen Calhoun
1. What is your favorite place to travel with your family and why? My favorite place to travel with my family is anywhere with a beach. Lol. Everyone in the family loves the water. We can never go wrong with that!
2. For those families wanting to travel domestically what one place would you suggest to them? I would say Washington, D.C. because there are so many free or inexpensive things to do there that can be entertaining for kids of all ages. Also, starting last year, I believe, you can register for tours of the White House!
3. What is the worst travel decision you’ve ever made and why? Not having a back up plan. Traveling as a nonrev having a back up plan is critical. Especially if traveling with children. You never know what could happen with flights at the last minute to throw a wrench in your plans.
4. What are your must have travel necessities and why (top 3)? I would say my top 3 travel necessities are a portable phone charger, a credit card, & snacks/entertainment when travelling with kids. More than likely you're on your phone a lot while traveling. Pulling up directions, taking pictures, etc. so having a portable charger is a necessity. You don't want to be stuck in an unfamiliar city with no cell phone. The credit card is a necessity mainly to go along with my previous mistake of no back up plan. Just in case you need to purchase a last minute ticket or rental car. Lastly, snacks & entrainment for the kids. Any good Mom knows that's a must!
5. What place is still on your bucket list and who would you take with you? I would say I never made traveling a priority until now. I always had an excuse as to why I didn't. You know what they say; you make time for the things that are important to you. So this year I made it my goal to travel more. 2 months in & we've already made 2 trips with 1 planned in 2 weeks to a new city.
Carmen Calhoun

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