Tropicana Night Club – Do’s & Don’ts

Tropicana was so much fun! We had an absolute blast celebrating my boyfriend’s 40th birthday. At first we were concerned we might be the oldest people in the place but there was a large age range of people there. It was one of the best nights out we have ever had. The music is a little crazy and not exactly what we prefer but after awhile you don’t even notice. I highly recommend going with a group of people. It can get dangerous if you are in a small group. People get pretty drunk and things get a little active after the sun goes down. We stayed until midnight and decided it was time to go after a guy jumped onto our table and almost broke it! Great time, lots of fun, awesome people all around. You will have the time of your life. You will spend a lot of money drinking. I do not recommend buying the 100 euro watermelon. It is a waste! We opted for a good old bottle of Absolute Vodka with the mixers and it was only 75 euro. Yes, that is way more than you can buy it at a liquor store but you are paying for the excitement and location. Way more alcohol in that bottle than the mixed drinks they pour in the watermelons. Take lots of pictures and videos. You will want to show everyone how crazy it gets when you come back home. There is absolutely no dress code. You can wear as much or as little as you want. Guys are in t shirts and swim trunks, most girls are in bikinis or light, casual beach clothes. We were dressed in normal, casual clothes and were way over dressed! None the less, we are much older than the average person there. I think anyone visiting Mykonos should go at least once just to experience it. We would absolute return again. Go early so you can get a table and dance all night on top of it!

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