Done with this Zaxby’s.

We don’t do this very often. It’s pretty rare we experience service bad enough to keep us from returning but we’ve had it with the Zaxby’s on Peters Creek Blvd in Winston Salem. I hate it because it’s the only one nearby our house. Thankfully, there’s a Chick Fil A less than a mile away. If you’re in this area we highly recommend not giving your money and patronage to this franchise. The staff is terrible. Including the management. They don’t respond to problems. They don’t try to fix issues.

We left this review on their FB page over 12 hours ago and have yet to receive a response. When we fill out the surveys we never get a response. If you’ve had problems feel free to leave info in the comments. We will update this post if we get a response.

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We tried to give this location another chance since it’s the closest one to our house. They continue to disappoint and fail. The main problem is the staff here. Making a random guess but it appears that 95% of the employees are all under 25. That’s fine if they are properly trained. The people we encounter each time are not trained to be working in a customer facing environment. They don’t smile when you walk up. They don’t say hi, how are you? They could care less that you are coming into a place of business to give money. We have to remind them to give discounts that should automatically apply like Kids Eat Free Day. The dining area is rarely clean and ready for the next customer. Table tops are constantly dirty. The tea is almost always out in the dining room. 

This past visit we ordered and everything seemed good. I told the young lady who took our order we wanted to change out the Zax Sauce for Ranch and wanted 2 additional Ranch. I don’t know if she put that on the order or not. When the food came out there was just Zax sauce and no Ranch. I asked for the Ranch I assumed I already paid extra for and got an attitude from a different employee wanting to charge me again. It’s little things like this that cause a sour experience. A .25 cent ranch. No need for the extra attitude. No need to assume the customer is wrong. It’s not my problem the first young lady didn’t listen and/or recap what I asked for to ensure it was correct. 

This location needs a lot of TLC and training for their frontline employees. These franchises that keep popping up and hiring just anyone to do a job that requires more than just standing there need to look around at more successful franchises. The service is completely different at other places within a mile. 

I don’t want anything comped from this location to try and win us back. We are posting this on our local food and travel blog and sending to corporate as well. Clearly the management here is in no hurry to improve. If someone sees this and would like to encourage us to try Zaxby’s again we would prefer a gift card so we can visit a different, better location. 

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